Best Diapers To Prevent Blowouts

Best Diapers To Prevent Blowouts: Approved By Moms

The joys of parenthood; watching your baby’s curiosity take hold and start to slowly feel the world around them and show their character. It would be an understatement to say that you, as a parent, want nothing but the best for them.

Best Diapers To Prevent Blowouts: Our Top Choices

1. Huggies Snug And Dry Diapers
2. Luvs Ultra Leak Guard Disposable Diaper
3. Honest Baby Diaper
4. Bambo Nature Premium Diapers
5. Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diaper

Before getting that far ahead of yourself though, you still have to take care of the baby’s fundamentals.You have to make sure the baby is taken care of. She is dressed, sleeping, and eating well.

Their body functions are working. From the leaks, it seems they are working a little bit too perfect.

In the past few days, the diaper blowout has become common. While the leaks certainly mean your child is working well, that’s not ideal.

The Best Diapers To Prevent A Blowout

Huggies Snug And Dry Diapers

Stopping a blowout is a matter of finding the diaper with the right fit. That is exactly what you will get with the Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers.

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That close fit is what is responsible for making this diaper great at stopping a blowout from happening. They come in different sizes to make them a good fit for babies of different ages and sizes.

The diaper is also made with triple layers to improve absorbency.

Luvs Ultra Leak Guard Disposable Diaper

If you are the kind of person to stick to one product for day and night time uses, then the Luvs Ultra Leak Guard should be your go-to diaper.

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It is capable of absorbing up to 20 times its own weight, and it is constructed with three distinct layers to aid absorption. These are further reinforced with leg cuffs to give a snug fit and prevent accidents.

Honest Baby Diaper

As the name suggests, that’s exactly what you are going to get. With an elastic waistband and re-fastenable tabs and cuffs around the leg, you can be sure any accidents will be contained within the diaper itself.

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You can go about your day without worrying about what’s going to happen.

Bambo Nature Premium Diapers

Like songs that come out of unlikely sources and then go viral, that is the story that Bambo Nature Premium Diapers has made for itself with parents.

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The company is not too well known, but their products have been nothing short of miraculous for parents wishing to stop the occurrences of nappy accidents.

The entire construction of the diaper stands up to the name premium and like every other parent, you will learn to save some for when you know you will need them the most.

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diaper

This is the diaper that is made with the baby’s comfort and safety in mind. It’s not that the other diaper brands do not do the same thing, it is with how Babyganics has gone about it that makes all the difference.

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They have put together a list of material such as seed oil bends and plant-based materials to come up with a diaper that is not only soothing and protective of the baby’s skin but quite functional in how it absorbs and stops accidents from happening.

Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers

This name may look odd on diaper packaging, however, that name is one of the most trusted in America. And that is down to the fact that diapers and other products from the company are always of high quality.

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This particular diaper is not left behind. If you have a child, or you, prefer a diaper that does not have a scent on it, then this is the best diaper for you.

It goes further. The core is totally devoid of petrochemicals and instead, is filled with wood pulp.

This is a great way to protect your baby from the chemicals present in diapers, and also maintain over 10 hours of protection from leaking.

Mama Bear Best Fit Diaper

As the name suggests, Mama Bear best fit diaper is great at protecting your little loved one, while also leaving your baby’s clothes ‘bear’ of any accidents that may happen as a result of their digestive system.

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This diaper is well-loved for its great fit and its ability to provide over 12 hours of leak protection.

Huggies OverNites

You won’t have to think much as to what you can expect from this brand as they are the best product for overnight usage.

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Rumparooz Cloth Diaper

It would be completely amiss to try and finish this list without the inclusion of the superb cloth diaper. This particular diaper is built in four sizes in one.

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As they grow and put on the pounds, the diaper will simply stretch to accommodate them.

Yes, they are reusable, making for great savings in the long term. The snap closure and the leg cuffs make this particular diaper great at stopping leaks from happening, and also great at absorbing any accidents that happen.

Huggies Special Delivery Diaper

Here is a product that has been specifically designed to deal with all manner of digestive accidents that may happen during the day, or night.

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This particular model is particularly absorbent, making them the perfect tool for those long nights where you are likely to crash for extended periods.

The leg cuffs and the straps around the backside make for one of the best tools for maintaining peace of mind whenever you are away from home or hoping for a long night of sleep.

How Do You Prevent Diaper Blowouts?

Your baby is hard at work doing everything right. You couldn’t be any happier as that means, no worrying visit to the pediatrician to sort the problem.

Smiling baby wearing diaper

The downside of this is the diaper blowout. There are no words to describe how exhausting and embarrassing a diaper blowout can be, especially when you are on that rare day out.

It makes it even harder as you may find yourself having to need extra clothes to keep your baby clean. Preventing a diaper blowout is a matter of finding the right diaper size. Babies have vastly different shapes.

An item of clothing that might look perfect on one child might be hideous on the next. The same goes for diapers. This is why diapers such as a brand like Huggies and Pampers are sold according to weight range, not the physical size of the baby.

The thing with a blowout is that the back of the diaper does not make a tight seal. When babies do their thing, the poop will simply flow out of the diaper and soil the clothes. Most parents will usually go the next size up to help catch a leak.

Steps To Preventing Diaper Blowouts

You may have to try out a few examples from Pampers to Huggies to find a different diaper that is the proper fit for your baby. You will know the proper size diaper when the following criteria are met:

Proper Fit

Make sure the diaper has a snug fit under just below the belly button and fits well around your baby’s body.

Leg Cuffs

The leg cuffs are a gentle fit around the bottom and legs of the little one. If you do find red marks on your baby’s skin, then the diaper is too tight. Run a finger along the edges to ensure the cuffs are completely pulled out.

This functions as leak protection.


The diaper should be able to flex and stretch around the movement of the baby and prevent the diaper from restricting motion. A simple pinch and pull test should indicate how well the diaper is holding up to this requirement.

A diaper is made with flexible sides to adapt to the various movements that a baby makes.

If these baby’s diaper points are still not a good fit to stop the blowout misery, then it’s time to think about using a diaper insert, or getting cloth diapers to go over the disposable diaper.

These are designed to catch the excess flow. Also, if the diapers you use have a wetness indicator, they can be great at alerting you to when you should make changes before an overflow happens.

What Diapers Are Best For Leakages?

The very definition of a blowout is when the child poops and the diaper is not able to catch all of it. As a result, the poop oozes out of the diaper. This could be up the back, soiling the back, and the clothes. It could also be down the leg holes, soiling the trousers.

The best diapers for blowouts are actually very difficult to determine. Every baby is built differently. As a result, there are different brands like Huggies and sizes that will work perfectly for one of your babies but not the next.

You may have to try out various brands to find the right size for your baby. With that said though, there are a few criteria you should be looking at if you want to prevent leakages.

How To Choose The Best Diaper

The are various competing diaper designs that it would be best to avoid. A little help choosing a diaper your first time is always encouraged. With time though, you will learn to avoid certain types.

Mom changing baby's diaper after bath

Here are the first things to look at when choosing a diaper and avoid those not meeting these standards.

The Design

Not all diapers are built the same. When you are looking to prevent leakages, you should try out diapers that have elastic material around the back and the legs. The elasticity provides for a snug fit, preventing leakages.

The Proper Fit

While your child will easily slip into a good number of diapers, it doesn’t mean they are the right fit. A good diaper will look like the back is higher than the front. Also, check that the baby is comfortable in the diaper and that it is not a tight fit.

The discomfort caused could cause its own issues. These two criteria are the most critical when it comes to preventing leakages. They can end up cutting your cases of leakages in half. The other issues are discussed further in the article.

Why Is My Baby Having So Many Blowouts?

Leakages happen every now and then and ordinarily should not be a cause for concern. If the blowouts were to happen regularly, then something is up. The first could be diapers in use.

They could be a poor fit, or they are just not best suited towards stopping blowouts.

In a number of cases, changing the type of diapers you use could solve this problem of blowouts. In other cases, it could be the diet your child is on. Blowouts are common in babies who are breastfeeding.

The nourishment simply goes in and slides out very soon after. In these cases, finding the best diaper for your child could be the thing that stops this.

As you start to wean them, the types of foods you introduce to them will help determine how best they do with blowouts. A plant-based diet helps reduce the instances of blowouts you will be experiencing.

Why Do Cloth Diapers Prevent Blowouts?

They are not as common as disposable ones, but they offer one sweet advantage: They are super absorbent. They may look bulkier than other more fashionable brands, but they are eco-friendly and super convenient.

The other thing that makes the cloth diaper the best diapers for dealing with blowouts is the elastic material around the waist and the legs.

In case of an insane blowout, the elastic will act as leak protection until the diaper absorbs the blowout. In this way, you have very few instances when you will be dealing with blowouts. If the diaper blowout happens, you know it will be while your baby is on disposable diapers.


Diaper blowouts can absolutely ruin the good time you were having. You planned the little one’s day out to perfection, complete with disposable diapers ready to have a good time.

In the middle of it all, and when you least expect it, you find out those diapers are not as absorbent as you had believed.

The great thing is, you don’t have to worry anymore about what’s going to happen. You won’t even be surprised anymore. With this comprehensive list of super absorbent products you can rely on, a blowout is a thing of the past, and a part of the experience you can share with other parents.

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